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At Léveillé et Fils, you have access to our comprehensive library of instructional articles, videos, and reference material so you can trade with confidence. Forms and paperwork? No problem. Our easy-to-find step-by-step guides make it easy.

Customs Forms - Canada

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ARL Certification Form
Canada Customs Invoice
B239 Canada-Israel Free Trade Certificate
B240 Canada-Chile Free Trade Certificate
B246 Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Certificate
B255 Certificate of Origin for Textiles/Apparel from LDC
CUSMA certificate of origin (Excel)
CUSMA certificate of origin (PDF)
CFIA Confirmation of Sale
E15 Certificate of Destruction/Exportation
E648 CSA revenue summary
Fax cover sheet for softwood lumber export permit
Fax coversheet for truck carriers (Canada)
General Agency Agreement

Customs Forms - U.S.

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Affidavit of manufacture
Andean (ATPDEA) Certificate of Origin form 449
Caribbean (CBTPA) Certificate of Origin form 450
Certificate of Origin for fresh peppers
Certificate of Origin for fresh tomatoes
Certificate of Origin form 3229
USMCA certificate of origin (Excel)
USMCA certificate of origin (PDF)
DOT declaration of importation of motor vehicles HS7
Owner, importer repair declaration
Owner, importer USGR declaration
Repair declaration
EPA Form 3520-1 (Motor Vehicles)
EPA Form 3520-21 (Engines, Vehicles)
EPA TSCA Certification Form
FCC Form 740
FCC Form 740 - Instructions
FDA Form 2877 (Radiation)
FDA Prior Notice Data Form
FDA Prior Notice - Instructions
Interim Footwear Invoice
ISF-10 cover sheet
ISF-10 amendment cover sheet
ISF-5 cover sheet
ISF-5 amendment cover sheet
Non-reimbursement certificate
Power of Attorney
U.S. Customs Invoice


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How to complete your Direct Security Letter
Tariff classification and preferential treatments
Process at a glance
9 steps to clearing your goods at the border
Preparing your customs documents for shipping into Canada
Overview of the release process
Completing a customs invoice
How to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin
Preparing your customs documents for shipping into the U.S.


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